Though the first iteration of this name was "tengupengu" because I wanted a silly name that rhymed during my highschool days (and nights) of playing Counter-Strike, the meaning and backstory of tengu ended up sticking and resonating with me.

The kanji for these sometimes mischievous and other times protective mountain-guardians of Japanese folklore is "heavenly" and "dog." I felt that all of these aspects of a tengu seem to reflect aspects of my character: my faith in Christ is central to who I am, I am loyal, honest, and hardworking, I have a protective heart for those around me, and I definitely like to poke fun at the right place and right time.

Those who have gotten to know me online or within different gaming-based contexts may know me as tengu, 10gu, or even 10dad, and the tengu imagery has become a friendly "mask" for others to recognize me by. Whether people know me as Sean or tengu, I work hard to make sure that my presence is a blessing to my workplace, my communities, and to those around me.

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> I love connecting with others and sharing my experiences. If you'd like to connect and/or work with me, please email me at [email protected]