kaiju corp is a nonprofit, grassroots gaming community that has been active since 2016.

  1. We foster community & competitive teams.
  2. We mentor & coach teams and players both inside and outside of our community.
  3. We run and help run events in the chicagoland area such as Lakeside Showdown and Battle for the Midwest.

Our main goal is to keep the grass green in our corner of esports and gaming.

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<aside> 💡 Get in touch by contacting tengu or joining the kaiju corp discord.


We pride ourselves on…

Read what it means to be a "little monster."

Teams are...

kaiju corp is primarily run by…


Sean “tengu” Norton

kaiju corp founder & "dad"

…and a core group of volunteers:

🦚 cybele

📈 Jexis

🌹 FelixFelicis

🍀 jbrocks4ever

🐍 DangerNoodle

📽️ Zabi

We’re also extremely grateful for the extra help that we get from partners and other volunteers that come and help at various events and with smaller projects.

kaiju corp is owned, maintained, and mostly run by Sean Norton.

This website has been created with the help of Fruition.

God loves the homies.

we make monsters.

kaiju corp forever.